Advisory and Risk Management Services

Schowalter & Jabouri, P.C.'s Advisory and Risk Management Services brings resources and experience to bear on governance, risk and compliance issues affecting public, private, governmental and not-for-profit organizations who seek to address the issues and challenges of sound corporate governance in addition to moving beyond compliance to improved profitability.

Many organizations do not maintain the specialized professional staff required to efficiently develop, execute and monitor the internal controls, information technology security and internal audit functions demanded by owners and the public and, in some cases, as required by law. Schowalter & Jabouri, P.C. brings a breadth and depth of credentials, certifications, skills and, more importantly, hands-on experience to each engagement, helping organizations meet these challenges in a cost-effective way. Our specialized services include:

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Services: No matter the size of your organization, the goal is the same: to attain and maintain SOX compliance in a timely and cost-effective manner. Having proper internal control systems in place that will stand up to regulatory scrutiny is essential to your peace of mind. Schowalter & Jabouri, P.C. can provide the tools, methods and guidance to assist organizations in maintaining ongoing compliance with the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, including management's testing of internal controls.

The requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley place similar demands on companies that are very dissimilar. It is up to management, not the external auditor, to determine the most effective and efficient approach to initial and ongoing compliance. This approach should be driven by your organization's size, stage and complexity. Whether your company is a first time filer, a non-accelerated filer, a pre-IPO company or has been compliant for many years, Schowalter & Jabouri, P.C.'s Advisory and Risk Management Services team will help management find a common sense, right-sized approach to help you achieve compliance in a responsible way.

Additionally, we provide numerous services to support management in various areas such as technology and security audits, policy and procedure development and financial reporting.

Internal Audit Services: Today's business and regulatory environment is full of pitfalls and rocky passages. Internal audit must respond swiftly to ever changing and expanding demands, which are growing at unprecedented rates. Whether internal audit is new to your organization, fully established or somewhere in between, Schowalter & Jabouri, P.C. can provide experience and expertise to help you navigate to solid ground.

Our professionals provide independence and objectivity on every engagement. We take a fresh, risk-based approach to help you:

  • Accomplish key business objectives, goals and strategies;
  • Bring a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your risk management, control and governance processes;
  • Obtain assurance and confidence that your company processes, systems and other control system components are operating adequately and effectively; and
  • Add incremental and sustainable value by bringing cost savings and enhancements to your bottom line while strengthening and streamlining your operations and sharing best practices and insights.

Our services are custom tailored to fit your objectives and budget, whether you need full internal audit outsourcing, co-sourced internal audit services, staff augmentation or strategic resource support.

Policies, Procedures and Standards Development and Review: The necessity for clear and sufficiently detailed policies and procedures has never been greater whether due to the demands of a conscientious board or management, or the fear of loss of key personnel. Properly documented policies and procedures are especially important for smaller organizations where there may not be as many resources for cross training. Schowalter & Jabouri, P.C. can help your organization identify key areas and work with your employees to gather your organization's cumulative corporate intelligence into a user-friendly format that can be used company-wide as a source of reference, training or as part of your continuity plan. We can also review existing policies and procedures and provide recommendations for improving efficiencies and lowering costs. We believe that a policy and procedures manual should communicate all information effectively, consistently and thoroughly. Our approach to development of these documents involves careful attention to the integration and appropriate cross-referencing of all related policies and procedures. Finished manuals are provided in both hard copy and electronic format to enable continuous updates.

Technology/IT Security, Audit and Control Services: Information technology is key to lowering costs and improving financial and operating efficiencies. Strong IT governance practices should be implemented by each organization to help senior management with their responsibilities related to information generation, access, collection, storage, processing, transmission and protection. Our services include Information Security Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, and Network Reviews, among others. Our team can develop information security policies, procedures and standards to address information security concerns and exposures, including employee awareness programs.

Other Advisory and Risk Management Services: The Schowalter & Jabouri, P.C. team can work with you to customize an engagement to meet your specific needs, including preparing comprehensive internal control documentation for key processes, performing an internal control risk assessment, or other advisory and risk management special projects. Schowalter & Jabouri, P.C. can develop and deliver customized training on internal controls, responsibilities under SOX, changes in the accounting, auditing and compliance environment, and other topics for your audit committee or high level management.

How Schowalter & Jabouri, P.C. can help:

Today more than ever, executives and board members are thinking strategically about compliance and how they can receive a return on their SOX compliance investment. In response to the need for these services, the Advisory and Risk Management Services practice at Schowalter & Jabouri, P.C. developed a specialized team of professionals experienced in working with executives in smaller sized organizations. We can help your organization be strategic and proactive in your compliance effort instead of being reactive. Our multi-phase methodology will assist management in achieving compliance. Our experience in a variety of industries enables us to make value-added recommendations based on industry best practices. Our team approach enables us to work with your organization to deliver highly-customized solutions. Our commitment to having experienced professionals on each engagement ensures your organization will receive value. Our membership in Nexia International and our working relationships with member firms across the United States and the world allows us to provide our clients the best professional and personal service in all major financial centers of the world.